Dance’s Rewards

It feels good to sit down and write to you again. Life has been so full since I last wrote to you about courage, and if I wasn’t writing I may have forgotten all about it!

How did the courage challenge go?

My sister, also a dancer, wrote back to my last post saying that she thinks a lot about the positive things dance class can do.

I actually think you may know several of these already, either through direct experience or some place in your bones and blood that re-members forgotten elements of life.

Here’s my 5-minute brainstorm of the potential REWARDS of stepping into the studio and taking class. Once again, this could be an entire essay…

Attuned body awareness
Sense of freedom
Time to tend to self
Matching the Music
Find focus
Feel stronger
Tangible Change in self over time
Child-like play!
Stress relief
Overcoming obstacles in mind, body, spirit
More overall energy
New friendships
Engage with rhythm
Mental lightness
Relief from anxiety/depression

What others do you know? Which of these to you connect to most? I’d love to hear about them! Please leave a comment below.

Here are some reflections written by my modern dance students at the end of their 30-hour course:

“I hold myself differently when I walk; I feel like I’ve developed more technique for the simplest things like walking. I feel physically stronger, more motivated, and way less lazy.”

“I have noticed that through this class, my overall energy in my days in and out of class has risen and I feel more awake and aware.”

“Modern dance has been all these things to me: being embodied, aware of myself, my connection to the space I’m in and with those around me, and present.”

“Many times during or after class I felt a release of all negative energy and my emotions were able to be fully expressed.”

Here’s your challenge for the week: MOVE your body and DANCE. In a way you long for. Could be in a class or on your own, outside or in your home. To music you love, to the sounds of the outdoors. Slow, medium, fast, wild, or smooth. Naked or clothed. Just find a way to dance.

If you’d like to be in the dance with me, here’s where I’ll be:

Wednesday Night Swing Dance Classes
7-8pm, Kakes Studios, 2115 Pearl Street, Boulder
New sessions starts next week on Feb 3. You can register by purchasing the series of classes here.

Private Dance Lessons
Sessions available Sun, Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri
You choose the form! Modern, Swing, Salsa, Ballroom, Jazz, Tap, Improvisation, general dance training for all forms…ask me if you’re not sure or have other ideas.

Bodywork/Massage Therapy
Sessions available Mon, Fri
Table work or floor work
Address emotional stress, physical tension, life transition, body awareness, athletic overuse, well-being maintenance.

Modern Dance at Front Range Community College (FRCC)
Tues/Thurs 11am-12:15pm, Feb 9 – May 5 (12 weeks)
Westminster Campus, 3645 West 112th Avenue, Westminster, CO 80031
FRCC classes are open to the public! Email me for registration details.

May your next two weeks simply dance!



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